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Home Loan Lawyer is your gateway for hiring and consulting real estate lawyers and legal experts for a variety of issues. Our team consists of real estate attorneys who are experts in various areas relating to home loans, mortgages, bankruptcy, foreclosure and more.


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Welcome to Home Loan Lawyer where we help you fix your home loan and save your house through loan modification, mortgage modifications and other solutions.

In the current economic situation, the average homeowner is at a higher risk of losing his property than ever before. The rise in the number of foreclosures and bankruptcy claims proves this fact. However the sad truth is that in many cases, these disastrous situations could have been stopped or completely reversed if the homeowners were supplied with the correct information and guided to take the correct actions in a timely manner.

The purpose of this site is to fill that void where homeowners do not have an easy to way to consult and/or hire real estate attorneys. Home Loan Lawyer ensures that you have a round the clock service where you can submit a query and get a quick reply. The Internet helps you to access our services faster by submitting your queries at this site.

So who are behind Home Loan Lawyer?

Home Lawyer is endorsed and supported by many lawyers who are based out of different locations in the United States. These are individual professionals who have achieved a high degree of success in their chosen fields of expertise. This website brings them together to help you understand your situation better, by offering their valuable advice and wide range of expertise to you. You may also hire our lawyers to represent you in important legal cases where your home is directly involved.

How may we help you?

We provide various services and solutions regarding home loans and mortgages. We help you with finding short sale solutions and will make sure that your transactions and dealings in that regard are obeying all the laws of the state and the nation. We also provide solutions regarding home financing options related to debt relief and also refinancing. We also lend our services to those who are looking for a solution to an imminent foreclosure or those who want to dispute a foreclosure.

Our bankruptcy lawyers will help you regarding all the problems arising from a bankruptcy situation and they will also help you avoid a bankruptcy situation.

Our team members have decades of experience behind them. They are highly discerning professionals who will be able to provide you with the correct information. We will take the right action on your behalf so that your future and home is as secure as possible.

At Home Loan Lawyer, we believe that the client should always have the advantage over everything. Hence we strive for clarity and transparency in all our actions and communications. We will help you to understand your situation instead of burdening you with technical terms. We work hard to understand every small detail involved so that you do not have to. Legal experts are not made in a day, so the average homeowner cannot get this amount of success when acting on his own or with less competent attorneys.

This website is the virtual aggregation of our team members who are individual successful lawyers and are amongst the best in their own fields of expertise. These experts are from many different places that span the entire United States of America. They bring with them decades of experience and a long history of success in the field of real estate and home loans.

We provide services and offer solutions in the following areas: -

Loan Modification This is an arrangement between the creditor and the debtor whereby permanent changes are made to the terms and conditions of the home loan. This helps the debtor repay the loan in its entirety without defaulting.

Short Sale Home Loan Lawyers also help you by providing you with short sale solutions. Short sale is the situation where the debtor is allowed by the creditor or the lending institution to repay the loan by paying less than what is actually owed. This is done by selling the property at a price that is not equivalent to the amount of principal owed and is lower than the owed amount.

Financing Options We provide our clients with information regarding various home financing options, based on their individual situations. Financing is an area that is prone to legal complications. With our services, we ensure that the financing goes through as smoothly as possible. This includes our lawyers forming and viewing legal contracts between the client and a third-party, so that the interests of the client are preserved.

Bankruptcy This is a serious situation where the individual is decalred as unable to repay the creditor by any means. This is a formal declaration by either the creditor (involuntary bankruptcy) or by the debtor (voluntary bankruptcy). There are several laws that rule over bankruptcy.

Reinstatement This is a procedure by which a defaulter can appeal for repaying the defaulted payments to make the loan current or to reinstate the loan. The lender has the sole discretion for granting this and it is granted only when the debtor has the necessary proof of funds.

Foreclosure This is a situation in which the defaulting mortgagor loses his/her real estate property to the lender. The lender then sells the property to recover the remaining principal amount.

Our lawyers will help you make sure that your transactions stay legal and they will act in your interest to clear any dispute or complication. Our team has a long history of success with real estate related cases and we will use the full range of our decades worth of expertise to win the case in your favor. So contact our attorneys today and make your future more secure.



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